Everyone Loves Infographics, Including Marketers!

Today we will be talking about infographics. Now, don’t tell me you don’t like infographics because I know you would be lying. Nobody, let me repeat, nobody hates infographics. They are quick to read and understand and they use visuals! They simply allow the largest amount of information to be displayed in an easy to read format. Ill give a brief overview of the infographic before then give some recommendations on how or why to use infographics in your marketing or business efforts.


Is Digital Marketing Worth The Cost?

Digital Marketing is great, but is it worth the price tag? Every business has their own budgets and marketing goals and personally I feel like digital marketing should be part of that budget at some point. Some people will argue though that digital marketing doesn’t create as great a return on equity as other more ‘traditional’ forms of marketing.

SEO Basics Part Four: A Guide To Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far my favourite web analytics application and by a very long way. I didn’t use Google Analytics when I begun this blog and I now highly regret it. Google Analytics is simply so powerful and allows a great analysis of information.
If you are a blogger or have a website with a blog you need to get Google Analytics now! You may think I’m being dramatic but it’s really that good.